Wednesday, September 28, 2005

IDD 410- Ch 4

Chapter 4

1. “A consistent graphic language can communicate the where, what, and how of Web pages.” Pg 134
2. The web is a visual medium.
3. The proximity, similarity, continuance, and closure all work together to determine how viewers group information in a visual presentation.
4. Through the use of color, texture, shape, and direction we can create visual relationships between objects.
5. Hierarchy is used to present information in an understandable as well as logical manner.
6. Unified language on a site reassures an audience they are within the same site.
7. With the use of contrast, hierarchy, and small multiples within navigation systems, you can communicate scale, structure and location. The relationship provides better understanding of the site structure.
8. “The visual representation of page elements should be reflective of the element’s function, consistent throughout the entire site, and properly placed within the page’s visual hierarchy.” 157
9. Using visual contrast emphasizes the uniqueness of options.
10. It is easier for the audience to interpret information on pages by using visual distinctions between page elements.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

IDD 410 - Ch. 3 and New and Improved Mission Statements

Ch 3.

1.“Web sites are designed to help you achieve your goals; getting information, completing a transaction, and so on. You shouldn’t have to realearn how to use the Web every time you visit a new Web site.” Pg 84
2. By optimizing the pages of the site for quick download time, it will decrease the time the audience has to wait.
3. The audience doesn’t have hours to view a website. Websites need to be designed for those with a small attention span.
4. The primary means of interaction on the Web is navigation.
5. Many sites have pages that include too much content which can impair the audience’s ability to get the gist of the page.
6. Websites need to be accessible to a wide demographic of viewers.
7. A page that tells the audience a site has moved is better than having a “file not found” error.
8. It is important to know what level of web browsing technology to use.
9. Some factors that contribute to download time are: page size, large images, multimedia files and so on.
10. To minimize file size of web pages, optimize images, use external script files, reduce images, optimize code.

Hurricane Katrina Mission Statement
My site for Hurricane Katrina will be dedicated to the victims of the hurricane. The site will provide information for the survivors. There will be a message board of sorts where they can tell their stories. The goal is to provide a website for the people affected by the tragedy. The purpose is to have a website for those of the Gulf Coast if they need help. It will be organized simply, not too flashy and with solid somber colors.

Personal Page Mission Statement
My personal page will be used to showcase my portfolio. It will include work I have done over the past 4 years. It will color but will not be too flashy. My resume and a short biography will also be included on the website. The goal is to show the work I have done in one concise website. The purpose is for others to look at my work all in one place. It will be organized according to different genres of art.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

IDD 410 Ch. 2 and Mission Statements

Site Seeing
Chapter 2
1. “Attempting to build anything without a plan will surely lead to lots of backtracking, lost time, and headache.” A website, just as anything else needs to be planned and thought out before it is created.
2. A site needs to be organized in a manner that will let the audience know what can be found within the site. There are no physical landmarks on the web.
3. The audience needs to know about the organized information by a navigation system. The navigation gives them a sense of where they are within the site. Navigation tools include menus, table of contents, site maps and links.
4. The navigation system should help the audience and not distract them from the content. Too much navigation can add clutter, however too little navigation can lead to a lost audience.
5. Each website has a “voice” and it is reflective of the message being portrayed by the site.
6. Everything around us; cars, people, cities, clothes have distinct traits; websites are no different and have traits to make each one different and unique.
7. Importance of personality is key with millions of websites. In order to stand out, it has to be different from the competition that will make it more noticeable.
8. With all the different web browsers, operating systems and monitors, the viewing experience is different for different viewers.
9. When designing sites it is important to remember to meet needs of audience not your own computer.
10. Website planning takes time and needs deadlines.

Dreamweaver HOT Webpage Mission Statement

The mission of the personal webpage using the Dreamweaver HOT tutorials is to create a page to help those who use the tutorials. The goal of the website is to further the knowledge of the program for the person using it. The purpose is to teach those who want to learn the program. The presentation of the site will include an easy to use navigation system as well as a FAQ section.

Personal Webpage Mission Statement (A)

I would create a wepage dedicated to my college years. The goal would be to show things that have happened during my college years. The purpose is to show others what my college experience meant to me. The presentation would include short stories, pictures and quotes from the past four years.

Personal Webpage Mission Statement (B)

I would create a fan website dedicated to the Boston Red Sox. The goal would for fans of the Red Sox to find information on the team in an easy to navigate webpage. The purpose is to provide player info, team statistics and general information. The presentation would include pictures of the team, easy to use navigation.

Hurricane Katrina Mission Statement

(A) This webpage would be a webpage about the Hurricane Katrina. The goal would be to have an information filled website about the hurricane. The purpose would be to provide users a site with information and links relating to the hurricane. The presentation would be simple and easy to use with some pictures.

(B) This webpage will be dedicated to people of the Gulf Coast and their stories. The goal would be to provide a message board of sorts for people to tell their stories as well as information they may need to get back on track. The purpose would be to help those devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The presentation would include an interactive message board with stories as well as links that may be helpful.

(C) This webpage would be a fundraiser site to help rebuild the Gulf Coast. The goal would be to raise money for different organizations aimed at raising money for the Gulf Coast. The purpose would to provide information to people looking to raise money. The presentation would again use links and some pictures.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

IDD 410- Intro and Ch. 1

From the book Site Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability by Luke Wroblewski

Five points from Introduction
1. New technologies do not happen over night, they evolve just as humans do.
2. The early web was not for everyone. It was a different computer type language.
3. Use of images as well as text attracted people to the web.
4. People worldwide could be connected when an Internet browser was introduced.
5. Web page design was based on trial and error. Some site layouts work better.

Five points from Chapter 1
1. The web speaks many languages through different forms of communication.
2. Communication is transferred to the viewer via images, text, sound, color, and motion.
3. Each website has a message even if it is not intentional.
4. The designer of the webpage needs to research the company to find out about the client and what their goals and needs are.
5. Websites are based on who their target audience is by providing information they seek.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

IDD 410- Website Critique

Red Cross

Presentation: The homepage for the Red Cross shows a large picture of an Red Cross van en route to those who need help. Headline announces help is needed for hurricane victims. Main colors are blue and red.

Organization: There are links at the top of the page for navigation as well as a sidebar with news information.

Interaction: Rollover links change color as well as a large bold 'Donate Now' button.