Monday, January 05, 2004

IDD 301 Alzheimer’s Disease

For this weeks Flash movie I watched yet another movie from the Flash Forward Flash Foward site,Julia 26. In order to navigate through the site, you would have to click in different areas of the screen to gain not only information on the disease but also to change screens. We learn many famous people have this debilitating disease such as Charlton Heston and the former President Ronald Reagan who passed away this past June due to complications from the disease. Very few colors are used, as color is not a major portion. The colors used however though, red, white and black are effective in conveying the message. At times, the letters would become distorted making the words illegible which is what could happen to an Alzheimer’s patient. In a way, you are seeing the life if Julia though her eyes throughout the progression of the disease. I felt I could relate to this Flash movie because my Grandfather passed away a few years back with Alzheimer’s. It was a very well done interactive, and informative piece on a very sad disease.