Tuesday, April 25, 2006

IDD 480 - This is it...

Awww my last blog. Hard to imagine, but I guess all good things (yes even blogs) must come to an end…how sad. Who knows maybe I’ll post a blog all by myself, not that anyone would assign one to me, but you never know. Ok so on to chapter twelve.

Chapter twelve of Designing a Digital Portfolio is titled “Copyright and Portfolio”. Dun dun dun. Do not pass go; do not collect 50 dollars do not copy someone’s work. It’s as simple as that, or is it? Well see, there are a million and one rules for each and every aspect you could even imagine existed in the realm of design. And of course, every rule has a hairline area to merge though in order to change and make your own. See, even that sentence is obscure and really doesn’t make sense, but if you re-read it 10 times and get in my head, you just might understand not only how I think and write but also the copyright laws are explained.

Basically, and I use that term very loosely, if you work for a big honkin' corporation and create something. It isn’t yours. Nope. Sorry. It belongs to the company that signs your check every week. And it most likely isn’t even totally yours to being with. It’s the other 4 people you worked with on the project. BUT, if you are really really nice to everyone. Maybe, just maybe you can gain permission to showcase the work you helped on in your portfolio.

Another fun topic in the subject of copyright issues involves derivative style. The example given in the book is a Bob Dylan poster by Milton Glaser. You can’t quite change the colors of the poster and give Bob an earring. But if you get the vibe for the poster and kinda sorta create your own work but you say Mr. Glaser inspired you, then hot damn it is your own work and you can put your name on it. Just make sure that it isn’t too too close to the original, because that is never a good idea.

So basically, if you have a question regarding the image, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, just check it out.

Ok, now in totally non-related news…I had found this site last year but had forgotten about it. I don’t remember if I had Googled myself (don’t laugh, you know you do it too) or if I had checked my blog stats at StatsCounter.com but anywho…this website somewhere in the world is talking about blogging and PB’s Blogging Across the Curriculum site and lo and behold there is my name and a link to my blog. I thought that was pretty nifty. I guess people really do read these thingsJ Wow over two years of blogging is now coming to an end. I promise I wont get emotional….at least ill try not to…


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