Monday, February 13, 2006

IDD 480- Research

Research, research, research. It’s something I’ve had to do since I was little. Even something as simple as spelling, my mom would tell me to go get the dictionary and to look it up. In second grade with Sister Ann Marie Kiah, I wrote two “papers” one on Shirley Temple-Black and one on Walt Disney. With both assignments, Dad and I trudged down to the South Portland Public Library, used the Dewey Decimal System, and found my books. For an assignment in high school junior year for English/Literature, Ms. Redlon made us all go to the library and use books for our research paper. We weren’t allowed to use internet resources. That was honestly one of the last times I went to a library to take out books.

For as long back as I can remember (since having the internet), I have been Googleing, Yahooing, Alta-Vistaing. Looking up everything from the weather in Florida to spoilers on Days I was always researching.

At all times I have at least three internet browser windows open. I will Google something and that will lead me to something else I want to know, so I will open a new window to search my new question.

I have the biggest case of self diagnosed ADD, but you stick me in front of a computer with Google, and I will be content for hours. My latest Googleing kick is for the Olympics. One question will just lead me to another and before I know it, I have a million and one useless facts and 10 screens open.

Over X-mas break I was Googleing and searching and researching for a possible job a Disney World. I did things which were mentioned in the book that I didn’t even notice I was doing, such as visiting online forums, and looking at vault.com. I didn’t go as far as doing in depth advanced searches, but I found my way around.
Even when I’m doing work for my Dad and designing stuff for Red’s, I Google. My project last year was to make re-chargeable gift cards. I couldn’t just open Photoshop and run with it, I had to look at other gift cards, to see what might work and what wouldn’t work.

For some reason I think I am the only one in the family who knows how to look things up. My mom…give her time and she will find it eventually. Dad…he’s pretty decent, he doesn’t really have all that much time to just surf the web and find random things, so I’ll let it slide. My sister…some day’s I don’t think she would be able to find her way out of a paper bag. Granted she has the attention span of a flea when it comes to Googleing, but still. If it’s not on the first page of results “I can’t find it.” So I get called in, take 2 minutes and for the most part, find what she was looking for.

Wow, this is the longest blog I have ever written! All about research and Google, I do it every single day and I feel lost if I don’t Google about some random new fact. I like being able to have the answers right at my fingertips.


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