Tuesday, April 04, 2006

IDD 480 - Ch ch ch changing...

“It is important to perceive your career as a creative challenge of a creative molded and formed by many sequential choices. This challenge of a creative career is the ability to achieve continuous progress and advancements. You should always have the sense of growing (Careers by Design, 198).”

Well that quote right there is almost (AIM) away message worthy…almost. Roz sums up a persons career path and choices in those two sentences. She was right when she said no one grows up saying the want to be a head hunter. I know I didn’t. I wanted to be the one to jump off Shamus nose…but that would require multiple science classes…and then there was the time I wanted to be in the circus (not the side show).

Yeah, right now the field I’m going into is graphic design. But who says that’s where I’ll be in 5 years, next year? Gosh golly if I knew the future I’d have my own late night infomercial telling people their futures (without the fake Jamaican accent of course).

When I started out at college, who knew I’d only last a semester at Kings and transfer here to Quinnipiac and into the IDD program. Sure there were apprehensions and possibly some fear but I got over it. I changed. Things change. People change. The world changes. This field will probably change over time. But alas, only time will tell.

“It is hard to talk about the future because so much has changed all ready (199).” Well isn’t that the truth, and not just about design and technology, but about this, that and everything in general. But seriously, it’s true…how can you really plan and talk for the future when change is constant is the past is always a reminder. And on a side note, that quote may just actually make the away message list.

And so, the last sentence of the book remains… “So, always recognize the mark of the future. It is today! (199).” No day but today….


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