Tuesday, March 28, 2006

IDD 480 - Movin' On...

“I’m movin’ on…” (Rascal Flatts). Granted they are signing about moving on after a breakup…and Roz Goldfarb discusses the moving on subject in chapter 15 in Careers By Design. So, schools almost over (Amen)… and its almost time to leave…and some people leave jobs and change jobs and leave…everyone is always on the move, and for different reasons.

And that number one reason as to why people leave…. “It’s time (177).” Everything that goes up must come down and all good things must come to an end. Sure some things that end may seem like they weren’t “good” but I’m sure everything has some glimmer of good (there’s that Pollyanna in me).

Sometimes people just need a change. Change is good. Sometimes, especially in the design world, a “sense that firms may not have kept pace with the times (177)” is the reason giving for leaving. In that case, it would be of value for the employee to move up and change jobs so that they can be challenged if that is something they look for in a job.

Donald Trump made “You’re Fired” a household term. Heck I think he even trademarked it as well as making a board game with that phrase. Sure people are fired, but Roz says hardly anyone uses that term. Typically people are just laid off.

There are so many variables that come into play between jobs. Before leaving a company it is best to make sure portfolio samples from projects are collected, references are obtained, interviews are given, and oh yeah…you give your boss notice that you will be leaving. Once all of those have taken place, moving on…or up can happen.


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