Tuesday, March 21, 2006

IDD 480 - The Hiring Process dun dun dunnn

Roz Goldfarb touches on a subject I have never really, for the most part been involved in: the employee/employer relationship as well as the hiring process. Since I’ve basically been working since I could talk at my family’s ice cream shop , I’ve never been involved in anything else. My only boss has been my dad. After only reading the first four pages of the chapter I knew that the “real world” of hiring and having a “real” boss is something I need to know about. Goldfarb explains all the inter-workings of the different processes and relationships, which occur during different times.

A little later in the chapter, Goldfarb points out the different points which employers request in many job descriptions. As I read these points: talent, business savvy, intelligence, commitment, motivation, appearance and flexibility, to name a few…I tend to feel less nervous than that I read a few pages back regarding the employer’s viewpoint. Marc Gobe writes, “Young designers today must have the latest technical skills, they absolutely must be completely Web savvy with all the latest knowledge to make them appealing to any design company. They also need to think broadly, to have well-developed conceptual skills. It is not sufficient to simply apply a logo on stationary or a care package…( 145)” See….that quote right there kind of scares me, not going to lie. Then again going to college scared the bejesus out of me, and so far I have survived…quite well too.

So I read a few more pages and see in bold type, THE INTERVIEW on page 152. Well, I got a call today that I need to set up a phone interview for an internship I applied to (keep your fingers crossed). Its not the interview itself that freaks me out, it’s the phone part. I don’t talk on the phone with someone I don’t know, or barely know. I don’t call for pizza. I get nervous, speak too fast and mumble all at the same time. Order something from QVC , (yes, I’m 22 and “watch” it) I go online and order. I-just-don’t-do-the-phone (comfortably). I guess that now that I have done a phone interview before in my life, and I have (shocking, I know) ordered food via the phone. It won’t be that big of a deal knowing Goldfarb’s spin on the interview process.


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