Wednesday, November 16, 2005

IDD 410 - Final Site

For the fourth and final website, I plan on making one in honor of Jane Goodall. It will include a biography of Ms. Goodall, as well as information regarding chimpanzees and her own organization she created Roots and Shoots. It would also include information about the areas she lived while in working along side of the chimps in Africa.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

IDD 410 - Top 10 Points from Book

IDD 410
10 Points from Book

1. People worldwide could be connected when an Internet browser was introduced.
2. Communication is transferred to the viewer via images, text, sound, color, and motion.
3. A site needs to be organized in a manner that will let the audience know what can be found within the site. There are no physical landmarks on the web.
4. .“Web sites are designed to help you achieve your goals; getting information, completing a transaction, and so on. You shouldn’t have to realearn how to use the Web every time you visit a new Web site.” Pg 84
5. With the use of contrast, hierarchy, and small multiples within navigation systems, you can communicate scale, structure and location. The relationship provides better understanding of the site structure.
6. The use of abstract shapes such as boxes and spheres can communicate a lot of ideas through their visual characteristics.
7. “Making use of a larger or visually complex image as the focal point of your page can create a center of interest to which your content can “cling.” (240)
8. Homepage has three responsibilities, the introduction, entrance and announcement. If something does not fit into those categories, it does not belong.
9. “Careful initial thought to how and where content can be applied within your site should always precede any dynamic publishing development efforts.” (298)
10. A page that tells the audience a site has moved is better than having a “file not found” error.

Hurricane Katrina Website

Hurricane Katrina: Helping Hands